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Tiny Hands CD

A Catholic Baby’s First Lullabies

Tiny Hands Precious Feet is a delightful collection of traditional lullabies, along with inspiring original works, created to celebrate our Catholic faith. From Braham’s Lullaby to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the gentle vocals of Rose Marie Rudolph and her sons make this a perfect collection for mothers to share with their children.

Rose Marie spent several years contemplating the words of Humanae Vitae and Familiaris Consortio, which encourage the foundation of the family and the sanctity of life. She wished to put the beautiful words and teachings of these encyclicals to music, Baby Handbut remained uninspired. After twenty years of marriage and six bouncing baby boys, Rose Marie faced hospitalization following a difficult hysterectomy. While recovering, she found herself comforting a woman in the bed next to her, who had recently undergone an abortion. This woman’s grief and repentance suddenly revealed to Rose Marie the music she had been hoping to write. “Our Catholic faith is a gift,” she says, “It is a blueprint for life, a blueprint for happiness.” To her, it was as if God had closed one door, but opened several windows. She lost the dream of having more children, but out of this was born the original work, We Give Our Lives to You (One More Soul).

Baby Foot

These songs, are a stunning testimony to God’s wonderful gift of family. Also included on the recording are eleven instrumental tracks so mothers can sing these songs to their babies. These sweet renditions will bring peace and joy to children as they begin their journey to sainthood. Praise God for His awesome gift of life!


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